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How do I deposit funds?

Kindly login to your CTC account and proceed to "Deposit Funds" from your dashboard. You can then choose your preferred method of Deposit and follow the required steps to complete the deposit process.  We will process your deposit request within the same business day.

The minimum deposit for all methods of deposits in a trading account with Crypto Trade Center is of $100.

The available funding options and deposit time frames are:

Debit or Credit Card:

Deposits by Debit card or Credit card take approximately three (3) business day, often less to process into your trading account. Debit and credit card transactions are limited to Euro 5,000 per transaction and to a maximum of Euro 20,000 per day per any card.

If you have used a credit card to deposit money, performed online trading and decide to cash in on your trading games, the same credit card must be used. 

For the first deposits, new clients shall be requested to use debit card. Any subsequent deposits can then be performed by debit or/credit cards which is registered under their full name. 

Trustly (Bank Wires included):

As much as Crypto Trade Center shall ensure immediate action to process and clear deposits by bank wires, these may take approximately up to one (1) business day to receive and process into your trading account.


Funds will typically be credited into your trading account within one (1) business day, but may vary on a case by case basis.

Deposit Status:

You can check the status of your deposit online. Once the deposit has been processed, and the funds have been credited to your account, you shall receive a notification on your dashboard.

How can I send funds in a currency not listed on your website?

Crypto Trade Center has funding methods for multiple currencies. If you deposit funds in a currency other than the denomination of your trading account, we will automatically convert it to the denominated currency at an exchange rate applicable on the date and time of the transaction. This rate is not predefined and may not necessarily be favourable.

Additional Conditions

Crypto Trade Center does not charge any administrative fees for depositing funds. We recommend you contact your Private Bank regarding any fees they or their associated intermediary banks may charge.

The Company also reserves the rights to decline deposits based on the following grounds, and/or other deposits referred to in our Business Terms and Conditions, for more information you can visit our Website:

Please note this policy cannot be exhaustive, and additional conditions or requirements may apply at any time due to Laws and Regulations, including those set-in order to prevent money laundering.